Ron Cadman first got involved in the real estate industry

Posted by Admin - August 16, 2013

Over twenty years ago, Ron Cadman first got involved in the real estate industry. Today he is a successful real estate entrepreneur and businessman who works in the real estate markets of both Canada and the United States. This is because Ron Cadman has been active in markets on both side of that border and maintains his connections in both countries. Ron Cadman actually learned the real estate trade after leaving Canada with his brother to move to Phoenix, Arizona. They moved there in order to learn the tools of the trade from an established real estate agent in the area. Ron Cadman learned a great deal during his time there, but eventually returned to Canada.

Just because he returned to Canada to pursue real estate opportunities there, that does not mean Ron Cadman cut off all ties with the United States. Rather, he continued to nurture business connections in the real estate markets of the United States, and in Phoenix, Arizona, particularly. Ron Cadman and his brother run two real estate investment funds in Phoenix today. The Arizona Acquisition Fund and Valley of the Sun are the two funds they are involved with, accounting for more than one-hundred single-family, residential, homes in Phoenix, Arizona.